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random_matrix_generator Class Reference

#include <gen_random.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 random_matrix_generator (size_t height, size_t width, double nonzero_probability, tu::log_level level)
virtual ~random_matrix_generator ()
virtual void generate ()
virtual bool do_pivot (size_t row, size_t column)
- Public Member Functions inherited from matrix_generator
 matrix_generator (const char *name, size_t height, size_t width, tu::log_level level)
virtual ~matrix_generator ()
void log_generate_start ()
void log_generate_end ()
template<typename MatrixType >
void permute_rows (MatrixType &matrix)
void permute_rows ()
void permute_columns ()
virtual void randomize ()
virtual void sign ()
virtual void print ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from matrix_generator
size_t _height
size_t _width
tu::integer_matrix _matrix
boost::mt19937 _rng
tu::log_level _level
const char * _name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

random_matrix_generator::random_matrix_generator ( size_t  height,
size_t  width,
double  nonzero_probability,
tu::log_level  level 
virtual random_matrix_generator::~random_matrix_generator ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool random_matrix_generator::do_pivot ( size_t  row,
size_t  column 

Reimplemented from matrix_generator.

virtual void random_matrix_generator::generate ( )

Implements matrix_generator.

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