CMR  1.3.0
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Dec Struct Reference

Public Attributes

 CMR environment. More...
size_t memMembers
 Allocated memory for members. More...
size_t numMembers
 Number of members. More...
 Array of members. More...
size_t memEdges
 Allocated memory for edges. More...
size_t numEdges
 Number of used edges. More...
 Array of edges. More...
DEC_EDGE firstFreeEdge
 First edge in free list or -1. More...
size_t memNodes
 Allocated memory for nodes. More...
size_t numNodes
 Number of nodes. More...
 Array of nodes. More...
DEC_NODE firstFreeNode
 First node in free list or -1. More...
size_t memRows
 Allocated memory for rowEdges. More...
size_t numRows
 Number of rows. More...
 Maps each row to its edge. More...
size_t memColumns
 Allocated memory for columnEdges. More...
size_t numColumns
 Number of columns. More...
 Maps each column to its edge. More...
size_t numMarkerPairs
 Number of marker edge pairs in t-decomposition. More...
size_t parallelParentChildVisit
 Visit counter for parallelParentChildCheckReducedMembers. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ cmr

CMR* Dec::cmr

CMR environment.

◆ columnEdges

DecColumnData* Dec::columnEdges

Maps each column to its edge.

◆ edges

DecEdgeData* Dec::edges

Array of edges.

◆ firstFreeEdge

DEC_EDGE Dec::firstFreeEdge

First edge in free list or -1.

◆ firstFreeNode

DEC_NODE Dec::firstFreeNode

First node in free list or -1.

◆ members

DEC_MEMBER_DATA* Dec::members

Array of members.

◆ memColumns

size_t Dec::memColumns

Allocated memory for columnEdges.

◆ memEdges

size_t Dec::memEdges

Allocated memory for edges.

◆ memMembers

size_t Dec::memMembers

Allocated memory for members.

◆ memNodes

size_t Dec::memNodes

Allocated memory for nodes.

◆ memRows

size_t Dec::memRows

Allocated memory for rowEdges.

◆ nodes

DecNodeData* Dec::nodes

Array of nodes.

◆ numColumns

size_t Dec::numColumns

Number of columns.

◆ numEdges

size_t Dec::numEdges

Number of used edges.

◆ numMarkerPairs

size_t Dec::numMarkerPairs

Number of marker edge pairs in t-decomposition.

◆ numMembers

size_t Dec::numMembers

Number of members.

◆ numNodes

size_t Dec::numNodes

Number of nodes.

◆ numRows

size_t Dec::numRows

Number of rows.

◆ parallelParentChildVisit

size_t Dec::parallelParentChildVisit

◆ rowEdges

DecRowData* Dec::rowEdges

Maps each row to its edge.

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