CMR  1.3.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 C_ListMatrixNonzeroNonzero of ListMatrix
 C_PathEdgeAdditional information specific to a path edge
 C_ReducedComponentA component of the reduced decomposition
 C_ReducedMemberAdditional member information specfic to a given path
 CChrListMatLinked-list representation of a matrix
 CChrListMatElementRow/column information of ListMatrix
 CCMR_CAMION_STATISTICSStatistics for Camion-signing algorithm
 CCMR_CHRMATRow-wise representation of sparse char matrix
 CCMR_CTU_STATISTICSStatistics for recognition algorithm for totally unimodular matrices
 CCMR_DBLMATRow-wise representation of sparse double matrix
 CCMR_GRAPHIC_STATISTICSStatistics for graphicness test
 CCMR_INTHEAPStructure for min-heap with unsigned int values
 CCMR_INTMATRow-wise representation of sparse int matrix
 CCMR_MATRIXAbstract struct for row-wise representations of sparse matrices
 CCMR_MINORA minor of a matroid
 CCMR_NETWORK_STATISTICSStatistics for recognition algorithm for network matrices
 CCMR_ONESUM_COMPONENTInformation on component of 1-sum of matrices
 CCMR_REGULAR_STATISTICSStatistics for regular matroid recognition algorithm
 CCMR_SP_REDUCTIONRepresents a series-parallel reduction
 CCMR_SP_STATISTICSStatistics for series-parallel recognition algorithm
 CCMR_SUBMATRow and column indices for a submatrix
 CCMR_TU_STATISTICSStatistics for recognition algorithm for totally unimodular matrices
 CDEC_NEWCOLUMNInformation for adding a new column
 CDenseBinaryMatrixDense matrix
 CDijkstraNodeDataNode information for shortest-path computation in CMRcomputeRepresentationMatrix()
 CElementDataElement specific data for the enumeration of 3-separations
 CGRAPH_NODEGraph node for BFS in signing algorithm
 CMemberInfoAdditional information for each member (specific to a new column)