CMR  1.3.0
Combinatorial Matrix Recognition Library

This C/C++ library contains efficient implementations of various algorithms for recognizing combinatorial matrices. It is the successor of the TUtest library. The following matrix classes can be recognized:

Moreover, representation matrices for the following matroid classes can be recognized:

The following additional functionality is also part of the library:

The library also contains various instance generators.

The following matrix/matroid classes are planned:

Installation and Usage

The library can be found on github, or directly as a ZIP Archive. The functionality can be used via command-line tools or via its C interface (see build instructions for more information). There is one executable per matrix/matroid class. Its documentation and that of the interface can be found on the respective pages. The executables accept several File Formats.

Changes and bug fixes are listed here.


The software is released under the MIT License. Please cite the paper(s) corresponding to the respective tools.


Funding support

  • The software library acknowledges support from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) on grant number OCENW.M20.151 (11/2022-10/2026).