CMR  1.3.0
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 balanced.hRecognition of balanced matrices
 camion.hTesting whether a matrix is Camion-signed
 ctu.hRecognition of complement totally unimodular matrices
 element.hFunctionality for the row and column elements of a matrix
 env.hBasic functionality of the software library
 equimodular.hRecognition of (strongly) equimodular matrices
 graph.hFunctionality for graphs
 graphic.hComputation and recognition of graphic matrices and cographic matrices
 matrix.hFunctionality for sparse matrices
 matroid.hFunctionality for matroids
 network.hComputation and recognition of network matrices and conetwork matrices
 regular.hRecognition of binary regular matrices
 separation.hData structures for k-separations and k-sums
 series_parallel.hRecognition of series-parallel matrices
 seymour.hFunctionality for Seymour decomposition
 tu.hRecognition of totally unimodular matrices